Who Are We?

Meet your committee members for the host venue Les Diablerets!!

Site Director:

Site Director:
Simon Rouèche 079/8121817
“On our own we go faster but together we go further”

Site Director and Finances:
Eric Liechti 079/4187333:


Bertrand Croisier 079/2329567


Emilie Frei

“3 ski runs and then an aperitif at La Combe, a little bit of volleyball on snow, crossing the canton to promote our beautiful valley with the youth of Vaud …”

Transportation & Logistics:

Pauline Katz
“An evening of ski touring that ends at La Pote…”

“Whether it be a small climb as a team to the pointe d’Arpille or a run around Isenau, what I prefer to do the most in Les Diablerets cannot be reduced to one activity as the possibilities are endless . My favourite slope: Willy Favre at night!! “


Jonathan Hart  078/7067870

“You can find me trying to catch up with my family of ski racers as they fly down the slopes!”

Jennifer Hart  079/9077014

“The best view comes after the hardest climb.”

Safety & Security:

PatrickFrutig 079/8235576

David Gasser 079/7177543